Friday, May 8, 2009

New features on JFD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just added new features here on JFD, my dolly wishlist (where you can see all the dollies that are on my wishlist), great blythe sites (where you can see some of my favorite blythe websites) and I am currently working on getting my flickr photostream on here, but until then here is a link to my photostream (feel free to add me as a contact) Ciao for now!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More stuff coming soon.....................

I am currently working on making fall wardrobes for blythe, each wardrobe will include* one tweed jacket, one jumper, two dresses, one tweed skirt, one pair of pants, and dress or skirt of my choice.
*This may change later.

I am looking forward to seeing some other people's blythe with these wardrobes on! Oh, and I would also like to include that the tweed is real tweed, the wool is real wool, any material we use is the real thing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jolly fine podcast coming soon!!!

Yay!!!! I'm going to make a JFD (jolly fine dollie) podcast!!!!!!! So make sure to subscribe after I make it! (if you haven't figured it out already, it's a blythe podcast. yippee!)


Really cool custom!!

Ok, so it's been a really long time since I saw this, but I love this custom so much I wanted share her anyway. The customizer is known as happigail on TIB, (this is blythe forum) and you can see all her lovely dollies on her flickr here. This custom is so cute that I can't stand it!
Thanks so much
happigail for letting me show your custom on my blog, and good luck on future customs!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I apologize for not posting in so long, and the updates that are in this post you all have probably seen by now, but for those of you who have not seen them here they are!
Princess Milk BisQuit de Q-pot

she will be available for pre-order on the Junie Moon web site on 12/23!!!
ok so there is this movie coming out (in japan) called yatterman which is based on a famous anime. so the point is, there is a character in it named Doronjo and she will be turned into a blythe! here is her description:
Her outfit includes leather body suit, her signature mask with sharply pointed ears and long cloak.
I hope she does not look too stripper-ie..... I'll look up a picture of her character in one second...
oh dear.... this is not good....
OK! on a lighter note Matryoshka Maiden has come out! she is the neo version of bebe babushka! she is very cute! here is her picture!
ooooh! I love her!
Pre-order begins: December 8, 2008
Cappuccino Chat Scheduled release date: January 2009
I am exited to see her prototype! here is her description:
Cappucchino Chat looks elegant with her long, silver hair.
Her cheeks blush into a lovely pink as she spends time at an open cafe.
Her champagne colored dress with faux fur coat makes her look like a lovely old time hollywood actress.
She may be thinking about her true love while drinking her favorite cappuccino.
Her face mold is Radiance, and her skin type is Fair.
Bloomy Bloomsbury Date available: January 2009
Bloomy Bloomsbury" is inspired by the Bloomsbury Group whom lived in London in 20th century that influenced literature and culture today.
The doll looks like she caught the stylistic breeze and lightness from the Bloomsbury.
Her matching skirt, hat, delicate cape and frilled blouse all represent the Jane Marple style.
she is a petite, and the neo version is in production as we speak!
Primadolly Violetina
Primadolly Ashletina
Primadolly Aubrena
she is quite possibly my favorite primadolly, I don't know, she just has a sweet quirkyness to her.I just love her!
Primadolly Marigold
I also love marigold, she looks like a little girl, but has a sort of sophistication to her whole look, she is very very cute, but I'd rather have aubrena.

Friday, November 28, 2008

old kenner commercial

I'm sure you've all seen this, but just to make sure, here is a blythe commercial from when kenners were not 1,000 dollars (the 70's)! This is hilarious! you gotta watch XD

Blythe Online Magazine Vol. 61

hello all! sorry I have not posted in a while, but to make it up to you I will post the new Blythe Online Magazine which got emailed to me today! yay so here it is!!

New releases!

NBL Frosty Frock and Prima Dollies, PBL Night Flower, Bebe Babushka, Saint Swan Chocolate and Cocoa Butter will be all released soon! Pick your favorite!

Frosty Frock Photo Contest!

The photo contest "My Decorated Frosty Frock" will be held on mobile site (JPN only) and Art Forum on PC site on December! Check out the detailed info and get ready!

Photo shoot for "Me & My Blythe 2"!

The next photo shoot for MMB2 will be held at Junie Moon on 12/13 from 1pm! The dress code is "Semi Formal". Dress up yourself and your Blythe and come to the shooting!

Brand New Blythe Beauty Contest!

The theme will be "Fashion Obsession". The prizes, rules and contest format are all renewed to make a fresh new contest! Please check back the site for the detailed info!

"Blythe Photo Contest" exhibition & "LELE Presents 2"

Photo Contest exhibition ends on 12/7. From 12/9 we will sell a lot of popular artists' handmade goods at LELE Presents 2. They will be your perfect Christmas gift!

Come to Jeffrey Fulvimari Super Store, too!

JFSS is an art space! Jeffrey himself came to the store to paint the walls, tables and door! Come to the store and check it out!

Junie Moon On-line Shopping!

New Christmas greeting cards now available! There will be 13 variations with Blythe, Jeffrey and Hiromi Sato. They will be a perfect card for someone special for you.

so, the dolls are not on the web site yet :'( but I am about to look up pictures of them, so if I can find them I will put them in this post, if not well, sit tight and I'll get the pictures as soon as possible! :) until then here is the video for frosty frock! (which is better than a picture ^_^)

ok I found some pictures, sadly I only found pictures of Frosty frock, Bebe Babushka, and Night flower. here are the pictures:
Frosty Frock
<span class=blythe" border="0">
here are her eye chip colors
<span class=blythe" border="0">
Notice how her eye colors include green, red, blue, and some color that is hard for me to identify (possibly pink..) I think it's interesting that her eye chips are all christmas-ie colors :) although she is very cute, I do not foresee me getting her any time soon. she looks a bit like fruit punch with lighter hair.
Bebe Babushka
<span class=blythe" border="0">
<span class=blythe" border="0">
I personally prefer her with her babushka on but I would have to see her in person to make my final decision about her.
Night Flower
so here is the original Night Flower (the neo)
<span class=blythe" border="0">
and here is the new petite NF
<span class=blythe" border="0">
I must say, although the neo NF is gorgeous, I think the petite is cuter....this is just my opinion no offense to neo NF or her many owners. NF petite is defiantly going on my chistmas wish list!
I will post pictures of the rest of the dollies as soon as I can find them ^_^